Tangshan Xianlong NAC Co., Ltd is a high technology holding company which is engaged in research of resource-saving high technologies, the transformation, application and industrial operation of high technology results. It is located in the Beijiadian Town Guye District Tangshan City of Hebei Provinces. The Factory covers an area of 100 Mu. The total investment plan is 360 million yuan. There are two phrases are composed the program. the first phrase invest 160 million yuan to establish an annual output of 3000 tons per years. The whole project can be achieved the annual output value that is 400 million yuan. The profit after paid taxes is 60 million yuan, meanwhile, it is solved the employment of more than 400 people.


The company is focus on the research, production and sales services of soft magnetic properties of FeCuNbSib Nano-crystal. The main productions are FeCoSiB amorphous thin ribbons, iron-based nano-crystal thin ribbons and amorphous brazing solder. They have initial permeability, high saturation magnetic induction and the low losses characteristics of high frequency. Gradually, they can replace the silicon steel, perm alloy and the soft magnetic materials, which is widely used in electricity, electronic, aviation, machinery, micro-electronics, communication, metallurgy and transportation industries. These categories of products have the outstanding advantages of energy-saving and consumption reduction.


The entrepreneurial spirit of Xianlong NAC Co., Ltd is precision and refinement. The business ideas are development and growth with their customers together. It can be provide the solution for building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.


Production equipment is the important precondition for high quality products. Our Company owns the most advanced production equipment and testing equipment, for example, it can produced the Nano-crystal ribbons which the size under 64mm and the thickness can controlled between 20um to 35um. The products adopt the method of pressure produced ribbons, and the product is high shear and good stability.


We use the automatic coiling technology, which can avoid the damage of manual operation. Classified coiling equipment can coil the ribbons automatically based on different sizes. Rolling-cutting equipment can cut different specifications of strip more than 3.2mm according to the demand of customers.


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Fe-based Amorphous and Nanocrystalline band;
Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Alloy Core;

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